Comment to 'Praying in the Time of the Virus Crisis'
  • Letting our Lord comfort us with a peace that nothing else in this world can give is to pray at another level. It begins with our reminding ourselves that we are loved by God. In the Christian tradition, we can remind ourselves of the Good News itself. We are saved from the power of sin and death through the death and resurrection of Jesus. Many other religious traditions offer us hope and consolation in God's love and presence with us.

    How do we find that peace in the midst of so much anxiety and worry about the future? We can take precautions and be prudent, but we don't have to worry about what we can't control. We can trust that by turning to our God, we can rely on God's love and presence. We can take courage from a sense that we are not alone. And, we can let go of the anxieties and be brought deeper into that relationship which feels "at home" and reminds us of our truest self.

    Most of all, faith and trust can help us replace our anxiety with our mission - the mission each of us has to love as we have been loved. When we ask for the help - in our relationship with our God - to grow in compassion and care for those around us, a new level of purpose is given to us. We can feel the grace of being sent - missioned - to be for and with others in crisis. We can comfort others and help calm their fears. We can be a source of strength for others who are struggling. Our charity and the ways we reach out to others will transform our hearts. And, we can make a real difference. Perhaps someone I know, who is quarantined at home, needs a call every day, or perhaps a quick trip to the store for necessities. The possibilities will come to us as we let our hearts be calmed and be filled with compassion. Gratitude leads to generosity and courage lets our hearts move from being fearful to being bold

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