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Believers in Israel, Ukraine, Afghanistan

Heavenly Father, 

All the peoples of the world have sinned, and are not good enough to be with You in heaven when they die.   The consequence for sin is death, but You, Father, loved the world so much that You sacrificed Your only Son on a cross that whoever believes Jesus is Lord ...... will not perish but have eternal life.    Not only did Jesus die, but You, Father, raised Your only Son from the dead after three days.  Everyone who believes this with all their heart will be saved and spend eternity in heaven with You.  

I know there are believers in Ukraine and Afghanistan, who are facing persecution (even death) because they are Christians.   Father, please give these people a peace when they face the trials of life and death  The Bible tells us that those who believe in the Lord Jesus "will be saved from the punishment we deserve for our sins, which is eternal life in hell."   (Acts 16:31).  This is not what  Christians have to look forward to after they die.   PRAISE GOD!     We must continually pray that many will hear the Gospel and be saved before it is too late.

I know, Father, that many Jews have been saved by accepting Jesus as their long awaited Messiah.   I pray that Your perfect will be fulfilled concerning Israel.    It is my heart's  desire that the United States will not desert Israel, which could result in Your judgment upon America.  I love my country, and I am so thankful that I was raised by Christian parents who loved God.  I have read the book of Revelation about rhe battle of Armageddon when God's  army fights the final battle against evil.   The victor being God and those who accepted Jesus as their Savior.  Please give me a love for those who are not saved.   Give me the words to say as I go forth to share the Gospel.  In Jesus name, Amen

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